Perspectives from Conscious Sensuality

Conscious Sensuality Perspectives - Alicia

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What people say...

“I attended the "Conscious Sensuality level 1" course lead by Robert Silber. We explored the joys of touch in various forms. However, before we got to the touch part, we cleared a lot of emotional baggage, trauma and charge around touch. The deeper people were willing to go, the more release they could access, the more freedom they experienced afterwards. A major emphasis is placed on knowing ourselves, feeling our truths and communicating authentically. Getting out of the monkey brain; all the judgement, fear and doubt and into the certainty and wisdom of our body and limbic system. Owning our "yes", "no" and "maybe", and staying constantly in touch with what feels right so that we can communicate our truths at any given moment, even if it changes. ESPECIALLY when it changes. It's truly amazing what happens when you are in a community where people own and express their truth and communicate it authentically. We had a lot of sharing, emotional release, tears, screams, laughs, hugs and lots of love. What a huge relief it is to be who we are and communicate authentically from a place of love, abundance and total acceptance.Through exercises, demonstrations and hands on experience, literally and figuratively, we gained access to our childlike wonder, curiosity and connectedness, with ourselves and one another.”


"The course has provided me with valuable insight into my attitudes towards my body and my sexuality. In addition, it taught me very valuable tools to be integrated in my life.  It is a milestone for my personal development and growth."


“The Level One course has had a deeply healing and transformational impact on me. It allowed me to recognize and let go of deep-seated fear around sensuality and sexuality that I didn´t even know existed. Robert has an extraordinarily high level of intuition, integrity and the capacity for being present, compassionate and holding space for challenging emotions in a transformative way. Robert and Sahra facilitated the course in a way which created trust, openness and ease among everybody. I always felt fully at choice and supported in defining and keeping my own boundaries. I would highly recommend the course to everybody (with some openness of mind).”


 “Robert has shown me that he is one of a very rare species of masculine; the kind of masculine that is emotional and willing to really work through and process his emotions. He is sensitive and able to respect boundaries and has demonstrated an ability to emotionally hold space and be present in a very generous way.”


“I really loved Roberts work. I admired his ability to create a space at the same time safe, focused and open to dive deep into presence, sensual awareness and my own feelings. I had very touching encounters with many different participants – and myself. And loved to discover the variety of shades and colours of people and their vulnerability and emotions. Robert himself surprised me in guiding myself stunningly fast to insights in patterns and truths of my inner being.”


"CS workshop helped me to find my lightness while speaking up my truth, and my courage to feel my vulnerability while in connection with others. Robert and his dedicated presence supported me to see and accept all parts of my true-naked-self in a more loving and caring way. I feel grateful and joyful to be in deeper relations after my CS experience, and it continues to resonate in my daily life at all levels...”


“Robert shows a beautiful way of relating with your lovers and others. I’d recommend this to all levels, you’re sure to get something from it.”


“I participated in one of Robert Silber’s Conscious Sensuality workshops and was greatly impressed by the multi-dimensional experience. The workshop was fun and light-hearted, yet the information and exercises were substantial and expansive. As a teacher, Robert is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his subject matter, and very effective at sharing it so that his students understand it. He creates a safe space and thoughtful experiences that encourage participants to be free and open, to deeply explore themselves and others. The events of the day morphed from fun and playful, to deep and introspective. With a philosophy of ‘total transparency’, he exemplifies honesty and clear, compassionate communication, and encourages his participants to do the same in the workshop and in life. He is down-to-earth, loving and caring, and connects deeply with heart and soul.. With his dedication to raising the consciousness through intimacy and sensuality, and with such supreme teaching skills, I highly recommend his classes and workshops to anyone interested in learning, growing and opening to the joys of life.”


“I feel so satisfied to have learned many new things..known new nice and unique people..and now have a richer perspective. More trust and more surrender..will bring more authenticity and sincerity to relationships..and there is nothing richer than this..”


“Robert is a highly intuitive individual who sees beyond what is presented to him…his facilitator skills are superior because of his heightened awareness, and ease of character. He is comfortable in his own skin so therefore holds space in a greater capacity. This makes me feel safe and at ease in his workshops. His bodywork took me to places which opened new doors of perception and openess in a clear and direct way. Robert’s honesty and integrity really demonstrates his commitment to this work.”

P. Mackie

“The workshop was a great experience for me. I was able to move through a very stuck place and came through content and in bliss. I am so very comfortable in my body and the energy that flows through me feels wonderful. I pray that all of my relationships include such honesty and willingness to self-reflect. I had fun, got to shed another layer, and best of all, got to be my authentic self in your loving presence. Yay!!!!”


“I absolutely love Robert’s approach to sensuality in the context of a community and as a tool for connecting groups on these very desired and needed ways of touch. Conscious Sensuality weekend has expanded my experience of myself as a sensual being, spreading wide all over my body and beyond the delicious blissful feelings. It has opened me to deep and authentic contact with people in multitude of ways. I am thrilled with this possibility that with each person there is a unique desire and energy for a sensual connection. It’s flowing, it resonates with truth it is brave.”


“Robert’s strong and gentle presence is a joy to dance with. With each new invitation to check in with myself, and communicate my authentic desires I found deeper opening to the presence of my Spirit. I felt held and honored as Goddess I am. If you are seeking a healing exploration of consciousness, sensuality, and clear boundaries Robert is a wonderful choice.”


“Your workshops were powerful and transformative! Your leadership and guidance are clear and strong! You gave us a safe space to experiment and expand! You bring tons of kindness, power and clarity to what you do! A real gift to know you!”