Temple Night Celebration

featuring Silvana Del Rosso from Liebe Tanzen

6th of April 2018

What is a Temple Night?


The Temple is created for us to enter into a consensual field where we can live and explore our truly authentic, sensual, ecstatic selves through ritual, music, movement and connection. Many ancient cultures and communities before us have created temple ceremonies to establish a space for sacredness, connection to our divine embodiment, a confidential, safe space away from the mundane way of life, where celebration and ecstasy are embraced as one of our natural states. What magic will we create together?Couples, singles, people of any sexual orientation and relationship constellation welcome! Dress to evoke your inner EROS, your wild, divine, luscious, sensual self, tasteful nudity welcome & encouraged!

Evening Program


  • Opening Meditation and Circle
  • Sensual Dance with Silvana
  • Conscious Sensuality Touch and Communication Demonstration by Robert Silber
  • Sacred sexual practices & Tantric principles
  • Soft sexy beats to enjoy in a Temple Space for sensual connection & massage
  • Cuddle/Snuggle space & sensual treats



  • There may be opportunities to connect and explore with others, only do so if there is mutual consent.
  • Before any exercise, agreements are made between practice partners re personal boundaries, dress code, that need to be respected.
  • This is a drug and alcohol free event.
  • Personal Hygiene is a must. Please shower and brush your teeth.
  • Get your ticket early to avoid disappointment. Limited spaces available. 

*Please Respect all Guidelines before committing to this event.

♥ All love, all the way, let’s celebrate! ♥

What is Conscious Sensuality?


As we use the term, Conscious Sensuality is the practice of utilizing our senses to become more conscious. It is not focused just on sexuality. But sexuality is a key aspect of Conscious Sensuality because in sexuality we experience some of the most intense sensations and emotions in our lives. By exploring our sensuality and sexuality consciously we are practicing the art of using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, compassion, empathy and love.


What to bring


Comfortable clothes to dance and sweat in!
A sarong
A blindfold cloth
A bottle of water
Massage Oil
A towel

Your Temple Night Hosts
Happy client
Silvana Del Rosso
Co-founder of Liebe Tanzen

Silvana is a passionate free-dancer and DJ at different conscious/barefoot dance events (and the co-founder of “Liebe tanzen”).


“I love it to get out of the head and to let music lead my body. It connects me to my source, to my power and I feel pure joy, love and connection.”


To guide this journey to yourself, which is the place from which a connection with others can unfold naturally, Silvana’s DJ-set usually flows like a wave through all sorts of music styles which will touch your heart, pump energy through your body and will make you jump up and down out of pure joy.


"To inspire and encourage people and to share my joy is a matter close to my heart! Through dancing, sensing, feeling, listening carefully, an authentic contact and being in and with the nature I gain insights into the depths of my soul, I can open up different levels of consciousness and it makes me able to entrust myself to life."

Happy client
Robert Silber
Founder of Conscious Sensuality

In addition to founding the Institute for Conscious Sensuality (ICS) and the Hawaii Tantra Festival, Robert teaches with many of the leading sacred sexuality teachers around the world. He is a licensed massage therapist giving bodywork that incorporates the elements of lomi lomi, thai, cranial sacral and pelvic release techniques in a process that is deeply empowering and transformative. He brought these aspects together in creating the Institute for Conscious Sensuality (ICS), where he provided a framework of sensual living involving beautiful spaces, permaculture gardens, sustainable living, spiritual cultivation, and perhaps most importantly – a community grounded in conscious communication and intimacy practices.



Institut für Lebenskunst

Mehringdamm 32-34, 10961 Berlin


Prices & Registration

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