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"When we are sexually satisfied:
- Our presence is enjoyable.
- We attract others and what we need in life.
- We do not seek approval from parents, teachers, lovers or bosses.
- We source our own energy.
- We are content with simple things in life that make our bodies and hearts feel good.
- We have love to give others and this feels good.
- Our need to contribute is met.
- We are less likely to have unhappy relationships when we are sexually whole and satisfied.
- We are less likely to be manipulated by others who use our desire for connection to fulfill their own needs.
- We are less likely to give power to those who are unconscious of their needs"

“We do not need to spend so much time stimulating our sexual energy or on tactics to build sexual excitement with a lover. Instead we can focus on generating our own natural energy through yoga, meditation, nourishing food, sleep and release of emotional charges so we can stay present in the moment and feel the truth of our connection and desire with another person.”

“We do not need to have a completely integrated psycho-spiritual-sexual intellectual framework to have connection and love in our lives, just honesty, curiosity and courage.”

“Until people are skilled at perceiving their own emotional state and needs, communicating and releasing their charges, it is best to do emotional clearing work with someone who is not a sexual partner. It is an advanced practice to be able to ground the emotional charges and give empathy to a lover who believes you are to blame for their misery. Give yourself and your lover a break and do regular, conscious emotional release work with others who have an understanding of the importance of this practice and can ground your charges, give you empathy and witness without judging or giving advice.”

“When we express and explore our sensuality on a regular basis with a community of people dedicated to awareness, compassion, honesty and self-growth we can experience increased trust, confidence, balance and greater cooperation. When people experience abundance in sensuality and sexuality they are more likely to support and rejoice in others getting their needs and desires fulfilled.”

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