Using Sensation

to Increase Awareness

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What is Conscious Sensuality?


As we use the term, Conscious Sensuality is the practice of utilizing our senses to become more conscious. It is not focused just on sexuality. But sexuality is a key aspect of Conscious Sensuality because in sexuality we experience some of the most intense sensations and emotions in our lives. By exploring our sensuality and sexuality consciously we are practicing the art of using pleasure for the purpose of greater understanding, compassion, empathy and love.



Processing video...

"I absolutely love Robert's approach to sensuality in the context of a community and as a tool for connecting groups on these very desired and needed ways of touch. Conscious Sensuality weekend has expanded my experience of myself as a sensual being, spreading wide all over my body and beyond the delicious blissful feelings. It has opened me to deep and authentic contact with people in multitude of ways. I am thrilled with this possibility that with each person there is a unique desire and energy for a sensual connection. It's flowing, it resonates with truth it is brave."
"CS workshop helped me to find my lightness while speaking up my truth, and my courage to feel my vulnerability while in connection with others. Robert and his dedicated presence supported me to see and accept all parts of my true-naked-self in a more loving and caring way. I feel grateful and joyful to be in deeper relations after my CS experience, and it continues to resonate in my daily life at all levels...”
"I really loved Roberts work. I admired his ability to create a space at the same time safe, focussed and open to dive deep into presence, sensual awareness and my own feelings. I had very touching encounters with many different participants - and myself. And loved to discover the variety of shades and colours of people and their vulnerability and emotions. Robert himself surprised me in guiding myself stunningly fast to insights in patterns and truths of my inner being.”